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How To Make Holly Tea

The leaves of this tree are toxic and only the proper preparation will remove the toxins.

This done wrong will make you vomit. Vomiting in a survival situation is a great way to die.

Done right and you will have a healthy, non-bitter tea with vitamins C, A, and packed full of antioxidants.

History - The type of Holly here is called the American Holly. During the American Civil War (1861–1865), tea made from this tree was very popular.

The key to this is preparation. This plant can be beneficial to surviving and shows that while some plants can be toxic, the right preparation can eliminate this obstacle and make surviving in the wild, livable and enjoyable.

WARNING: The most important part of this process is air drying the leaves first. If you do not air dry them you will be sick.

The leaves look plastic and feel leathery when you first pick them.

Let the leaves air dry until all the plastic looking surface comes off. Notice how the color has changed.

WARNING: This is the toxic part of the tree and only the proper preparation will remove the toxins. If this is done wrong this will make you vomit. In survival situations, vomiting is a great way to die.

When the leaves are completely dry and free from the plastic outer layer, roast the leaves in an oven or on a camp fire.

After the roasting, remove the sharp thorns on the edge of the leaf.

Crush the leaves into a pile. When you crush the leaves, they will start to smell like tea. The smell is a good sign you're doing it right.

Put the leaves into a strainer.

Put the strainer into hot water and let it steep. After a few minutes you have Holly Tea.


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